Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations

I get asked about book recommendations on a range of topics a lot. Sometimes people ask what the best book is on something specific.

Other times, they're asking me to select a book that will help them think about a much broader topic, such as their career, worldview or personal finance.

I therefore thought it was about time that I made a list of some of the most worthwhile books I've read are, in the hope that it might trigger your curiosity about something new.

When I read a book, the mental process I try to go through is to open my mind to the information, sentiments and advice being expressed, but with my discerning hat on. I try to filter what I read through my Coherence Stack, assessing where my values, beliefs and actions need to change, or where I need to stand my ground.

Although these are all cracking books, these recommendations shouldn't be taken as an endorsement of everything they teach or encourage (indeed, there are mutual contradictions between some of them).

This is a small selection of the books which I've found to be the most insightful, influential, interesting, thought provoking or practical over the years.

Work, Entrepreneurship & Creativity

Productivity & Mindset

Life, Family & Adventure

Personal Finance

Faith, Philosophy & Worldview

Science, Technology & The Future

Politics, History & Culture

In accordance with the 80/20 principle, I've kept it a fairly short list. I'll try to write book summaries for some of them in the coming months. If you're looking for a good book on something more specific, feel free to ask!

If you'd like to recommend me a book you think I'd find interesting, do let me know!