Articles & Talks

I have been invited to write articles and opinion pieces for a range of publications, including ConservativeHome, Future Worlds and IP Careers on issues such as digital policy, entrepreneurship and sustainable transport.

I have also been invited by organisations such as Forbes, Cyber UK, and the CCF to give a range of talks, debates and seminars on topics such as cyber security, local politics, faith in public life, and the future of smart cities.

If you would like to enquire about any future engagements, please do get in touch.

Bylines & Articles

'Councils can rapidly accelerate clean transport by championing autonomous vehicles', ConservativeHome (2021)

'We should embrace a “digital-by-default” approach to make council services more efficient', ConservativeHome (2019)

'The EU undermines our rich democratic heritage', Above Bar Church (2019)

'Councils should raise their readiness for cyber attacks', ConservativeHome (2018)

'Cross-border invention risk management: infringement', D Young & Co. LLP (2017)

'Updated PACE patent application prosecution procedure', D Young & Co. LLP (2016)


'Championing Digital Transformation', Roke Manor Research (2021)

'The challenges of accommodating Autonomous Vehicles', (2021)

'Faith and public life', Inspiration Bitesized (CotN) (2020)

'The early career of a Patent Attorney', IP Careers (2017)

'Programming, pitching and patents – five questions with tech expert', Future Worlds (2016)

Post-election commentary, Premier Christian Radio (2018)


'The Dynamics of Post-Brexit Britain', Keswick Convention (2019)


Seminar: 'God, Technology and the Christian Life', CCS Mid-Year Conference (2022)

'The Future of Cyber Essentials', Cyber UK (2020)

Seminar: 'Campaigning as a Local Council Candidate', The CCF Impact Course (2019)

'The Public Mood: A Perspective from Southampton', CCF PftN (2019)

Seminar: 'A Christian Perspective on Political and Cultural Engagement', CCS Mid-Year Conference (2018)

Lecture: 'CIPA and the Patent Law Profession', Bournemouth University (2017)


Editor, The Yellow Sheet (CIPA Journal) (2017/18)

Co-Editor, Leonards Review (2016-19)

Academic Publications

'Bitcoin Trading Agents', University of Southampton (2014)


'Programming: A Primer', Imperial College Press (now World Scientific) (2016)